About the Writer

Hello, my name is David Hausknecht, and I’m absolutely crazy about middle school ministry. I am the Middle School Pastor at Southland Christian Church, a large church of around 11,000 people in Lexington, Kentucky. I do not claim to be an expert on issues surrounding middle school ministry and adolescent development; rather, I strive to read, study, and experience ministry with this age group because I want to see middle schoolers become sold out for Christ. I wrote my senior thesis paper in college on “Middle School Ministry in the Local Church” because I simply wanted to learn how to more effectively reach these kids. I desire to be a learner as long as I live, and if you’ve ever worked with early adolescents, you know you’re always learning something new!

I’ve had middle school volunteers say to me, “I love these kids, but I don’t really feel equipped to do ministry with them.” I’ve even had parents say to me as their first child enters middle school, “I have no idea what’s going on with ____. They’re changing so much!” My desire is to connect the two groups and generate conversation between them as I introduce different topics regarding middle school students. I want to see middle school youth workers and parents feel equipped to help their students grow in their relationships with Christ.

Simply put, I can’t get enough of this topic! Please e-mail me at dhausknecht@southlandchristian.org with thoughts or suggestions!




I work at Southland Christian Church. Everything here, however, is my personal opinion and is not not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the view of Southland.
  1. Mindy Summers says:

    Very cool site :)!

  2. Mel Shepherd says:

    David, I am hoping from your website I will be able to pick up ideas as to how to lead and work with a middle school youth ministry. My son lives in Lexington,KY and is the youth pastor of Hilndale Christian church. His name is Cody Shepherd. I’m pretty old to be working with a middle school youth group, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I”m looking for someone to correspond with for ideas as to how to lead a group of 20 kids – 5th – 7th in an non-denominational setting for the community of Ansley, NE. If this comment is in the wrong place, please give it to the writer of this website.

  3. Happy to see a pastor doing middle school youth ministry! Thankful for the burden the Lord has put in you! Keep up the great work.

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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