Come to the Middle School Ministry Campference!

Posted: September 24, 2013 in junior high ministry, middle school ministry

There is something inspiring about being with other people who care deeply about the things you care about. In middle school ministry, it can be tough to find those people. Thankfully, the good people over at the Youth Cartel have created an event specifically for that purpose… The Middle School Ministry Campference.

I have gone to the first two years this event has happened, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience. The content is designed specifically for middle school youth workers, which is rare at a conference. But my favorite thing about this event is the people who go to it. The event is smaller than most conferences, so you get to know other people in your tribe. Every meal is eaten together so you’re rubbing shoulders with people from all over the nation who have great creative ideas on how to succeed in making middle school disciples.

I will be there this year, and I hope you will be too. It’s sneaking up on us (Oct 11-13), so get registered quickly!





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